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"3 Ways To Guarantee Your Child
A Distinction In Math... Revealed!”

We’ll reveal to you exactly what your child needs to score A’s in Math...
and why most Singapore math tutors are getting it WRONG!

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"Your Child Can Score A's, But..."

Here’s the scary reality for you: Most parents who send their children for Math tuition in Singapore pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars every single month, only to see little improvements in their children’s results.

WE’RE ANGRY! We know how painful it is to see that hard-earned money disappearing just like that because we have families to support too.

The thing is we don’t mind spending a little bit more if the Math Tuition works.

But if it doesn’t, then it’s just a waste of time, effort and money!

Pull up a chair and hear us out. You’re here right now because:

1) You want Math Tuition for your child that actually works!

2) You want your child to go from average or good to excellent in Math!

3) You want good Math Tuition that’s affordable!

You want all that right? We’ll be honest with you.

We can give you what you’re looking for, no problem... but on one condition.

You have to be open to new ways of doing things.

"Our Methods Are Very Unconventional

  • While most tutors believe that 1-to-1 tuition is better than group tuition, we will die defending our stand that group tuition is better for the students... and it’s true. We’ll reveal to you why later.
  • While most tuition classes are quiet, ours are filled with laughter and students shouting answers out from their seats. We’ll tell you why this special ingredient is so important in a minute.
  • While most tutors tell the students to memorize formulas without understanding them, we demonstrate to our students how these formulas were conceived, which automatically burns them into their memories. We’ll give you an example inside.

As you are starting to understand how our methods will stimulate the brain and learning in your children, we’ll tell you why we know this works...

"We've Coached Over 15,0000 People Worldwide
And What THAT Means For Your Child..."

You see, we are more than just a Math Tuition Centre. If you’ve seen us in the news you’d know that we are actually a Peak Performance Company. Our founder, Mr Saiful Rizal has helped over 15,000 people from around the world bring out their best and achieve massive wealth in their lives through his talks, books and audio recordings.

This gives you an upper hand because not many tutors know what Peak Performance Coaching is all about. Imagine having a tutor who not only knows Math but also knows how to motivate your child when he needs it. And we’re not talking about saying things like “You can do it!”. We’re talking about using Peak Performance Psychology during the classes to keep your child's energy high so that they are excited to study.

We call this The PEAK Math Method.

Have you ever heard of the saying, "A good student does not a good teacher make." 

This is why some parents have been disappointed with their children’s results after engaging overqualified tutors and are at a loss as to how to help them. We understand this problem very well and that’s why we teach Math in a very exciting and entertaining way through the PEAK Math Method so that the children enjoy learning and excel!

We know that you’re dying to know what results our PEAK Math Method can bring. After all, you are a Singaporean parent and you're expecting results.

We've had very exciting results with the program and we'll show you the most exciting one here:

"She Went From Scoring Only 18% in Primary 6 to 100% in Secondary 4She Not Only Topped The Class, She Topped The Whole Level!"


AFTER: 100%

Since Primary School, Liyana has been poor in Math and before I sent her to Math Prodigies in Primary 6, she was scoring 18/100. I was very worried that she would not be able to get her marks up in time but she loved the environment and the Coach. She passed her PSLE with a D grade!

In Secondary School, we continued with Math Prodigies and I was surprised because Liyana started scoring A’s as her marks progressed from 70% – 80% in Secondary 1 and then gradually to as high as 90% in Secondary 3.

But the biggest surprise and happy moment for me was when she scored 95% for her mid-year exams and then scored FULL MARKS for the next common test! 

I am very happy when she is with Math Prodigies! Thank you Math Prodigies for giving her good results!

- Mdm Sumarni,
Mother of Liyana Zainodin

"Look, Here's The Truth...

It is very painful for us to see children struggling with Math. Why? Because believe it or not, there was one point in time when the possibility of passing Math was almost impossible to our Coaches too.

For our founder, 3 months before his “O” levels, his L1R5 was 28 points and he failed Math. What happened between that time and the “O” Levels when he achieved that A1 for Math was miraculous.

Just look at his Math results below (other subjects are irrelevant but he scored 6 points for the "O" levels.)

And he couldn’t have done it without two very important things:

  1. Motivation and Inspiration. When your child does not do well for his exams, his confidence goes down a little bit more. When our founder failed Math just before the “O” levels, there was NO confidence. That’s when the voice of Anthony Robbins, The World’s #1 Success Coach inspired him to keep working day and night. We’re here to do the same for your child.

  1. Excitement and Passion in Math. For most children, Math is the most feared subject in their world. Here's where our passionate Math Coaches come along. Our Coaches revel in the beauty of Math and pass our passion for outside-the-box thinking (which requires a great understanding of Math) to their students and make Math something they look forward to.

This is the winning formula that helped our founder go from 28 points to 6 points in 3 short months. And this is the combination that our coaches bring into the classroom for your children at Math Prodigies! This is the reason why the program works!

"Paying Too Much For Minimal Improvements? Looking For A More Effective Program?"

"Get Your Hands On A


And Start Seeing Results Now!"


Based On The PEAK Math™ Method That Has Transformed Borderline Marks Into A's In As Short As 4 Months!"

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"Last year alone, Math Prodigies helped 167 students
turn around their Math results. Now, it's your turn!"

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"From Scoring 21 Marks in His Prelims
to Achieving a 'C' Grade in PSLE...
to Straight A1's in BOTH Sec 1 And 2!"

Ms Noraini

We’re thankful to discover Math Prodigies as it has changed Imran’s perception of Math. He is now positive about overcoming challenges within the subject.

Imran scored 21 in his PSLE prelim but with the dedication and professional coaching provided by Math Prodigies in the nick of time, he managed to score a C in his PSLE. Both my sons are currently in the program and have started to gain interest in Math. Math Prodigies’ unique teaching methods have also boosted their confidence level to succeed in other subjects too.

Imran continued to score high marks for Math in Secondary 1 and 2. In fact, he just scored an A1 for his end-of-year exam in Secondary 2! Please continue to spread this knowledge to the new generation so that they are able to love Math and not shun it.

Ms Noraini Mother of Md Imran


AFTER: 71%

"She Broke Through To The Next Level,
Scored An 'A' Grade For Her PSLE
And Scored A 'Distinction' In Sec 1
For An International Math Olympiad!"

Ms Eliyah

Asyura was already having regular Math tuition but she felt like she had hit a plateau and even though that she was doing ok in that subject, she felt that she lacked the confidence

Within 2 months of her enrolment with Maths Prodigies, she was among the top scorers in her class and her confidence in the subject soared.

I am writing to express my gratitude to Maths Prodigies for my daughter, Asyura’s performance in her Math PSLE where she got an ‘A’. 

What pleases me is that this confidence spills over to her other subjects and her personal attitude. I personally feel that for those who need the extra boost in confidence or motivation in Math will benefit from joining Math Prodigies. 

Don’t gauge the effectiveness of tutoring with price but rather gauge it through the child’s heightened confidence and interest. The results will follow.

Ms Eliyah Mother of Asyura Abdullah

"What Are You Still Waiting For?
Don't Wait Until It's Too Late!"

If the form above is not working on your mobile phone,
E-mail us at
or drop us a message at 83635713

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E-mail us at
or drop us a message at 83635713

16 Jalan Masjid, Kembangan Suites,
#01-07, Singapore 418941
(Literally 1 Minute Away From Kembangan MRT!)

Give Math Prodigies A Try - The First Class Is Free!

"Math Prodigies Jumpstarted His Confidence And He Went From Scoring 'A's to Finally Scoring An A* For The PSLE!"

Matin got an A* for his Math PSLE. Here is our testimonial. Matin had always scored 80 to 84 marks for his Maths Exam. After joining Math Prodigies, he started to believe that he can score A* for his Maths.

The interactive environment that Math Prodigies provided him jumpstarted his confidence. With that he scored A* for his Math PSLE in 2014.

Thank you Math Prodigies Coaches!”

- Mdm Siti & Mr Mahbob,
Mother of Matin Mirza