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"Here's How We Improved Our Student's Math Results By Over 5 Times From 18% To 100%!"


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"She Went From Scoring Only 18% in Primary 6 to 100% in Secondary 4. She Not Only Topped The Class, She Topped The Whole Level!"

Since Primary School, Liyana has been poor in Math and before I sent her to Math Prodigies in Primary 6, she was scoring 18/100. I was very worried that she would not be able to get her marks up in time but she loved the environment and the Coach. She passed her PSLE with a D grade!

In Secondary School, we continued with Math Prodigies and I was surprised because Liyana started scoring A’s as her marks progressed from 70% – 80% in Secondary 1 and then gradually to as high as 90% in Secondary 3.

But the biggest surprise and happy moment for me was when she scored 95% for her mid-year exams and then scored FULL MARKS for the next common test! 

I am very happy when she is with Math Prodigies! Thank you Math Prodigies for giving her good results!

- Mdm Sumarni,
Mother of Liyana Zainodin

We'll reveal to you exactly how we did it so that you can help your child not only pass Math but also fall in love with it and score A's too! But first...

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"When It All Came Crashing Down..."

Let's start by telling you a little bit about Liyana.

Liyana was like any other student.

She comes from a good family built upon good morals.

She was a happy, easy-go-lucky child.

And to be fair, she was doing okay in school...

Up until Primary 5.

As you may know, there is a huge jump in difficulty level in Primary 5.

Yes, Liyana was a hardworking student.

Yes, she had a good attitude towards studying.

But as the topics built up on the concepts  on the year before, things got harder and harder.

It seemed like no matter how much effort she put in, she wasn't getting any better at it.

Her results just kept getting lower and lower.

And then the day came when she got only 13 marks for her CA.

That brought her overall score for Math at an all-time low of 18%...

And the worst part is that the PSLE was just around the corner!

She would need to pass Math if she wanted to be promoted to secondary school.

Her parents were getting more and more desperate.

They were willing to try anything at this point.

Wouldn't you be too if you were in the same situation?

"Her Turning Point Began Here..."

That's when her parents came across the article above that reads "Teaching Math With Motivational Elements".

The article talks about a proprietary method called The PEAK Math™ Method to teach Math that incorporates:

  1. Accelerated learning.
  2. Motivational training.
  3. Math enrichment.

So, her parents gave us a call and after asking some questions, they signed her up.

To be honest, they really took a risk there because Math Prodigies was not as established as it is now.

Now, we have taken care of over 400 students.

But anyway!

That's when Liyana began using the PEAK Math™ Method.

"What Is The PEAK Math™ Method?"

This method was developed by our Founder, Mr Saiful Rizal, more affectionately known as Coach Saiful at our centre.

This is the same method he used to bring his own Math results from D7 to A2 for his prelims to finally an A1 during the "O" levels.

And he did this in ONLY 3 MONTHS!

When Liyana began using the PEAK Math Method, she was surprised.

Suddenly, Math wasn’t confusing anymore.

Strangely, it also became more fun!

She actually began to enjoy this and you'll find out why in a second...

"What The PEAK Math™ Method Did For Her..."

But let's get real here, what did the PEAK Math Method do for her in terms of results?

A whole lot actually!

1. 'D' grade for PSLE.

For her PSLE, she managed to get her 'U' grade up to a 'D' grade in 6 short months.

This was huge because if she didn't pass, it would mean that she would have had to stay back!

2. Straight A's in Secondary 1.

The more impressive results were her Secondary 1 results.

She scored STRAIGHT A's for the whole of Secondary 1.

This was due to two things.

One was the passion in Math we instilled in her and secondly, was her own hard work.

3. Topped the level in Math in Secondary 4.


This trend of As continued up to Secondary 4.

And then, we saw her two most impressive results ever!

She scored 95% and 100% in Math for two of her Continual Assessments (CAs)

This meant she not only topped her class, she topped the whole level!

4. 'A' for 'N' levels.

Liyana N Level

By this time, the 'N' level results were expected.

Now compare this to just 4 years ago when she wasn't even expected to pass Math.

What a difference!

She scored an 'A' for her 'N' levels and this is now history!

5. Improvements in other subjects & confidence.

Parents have told us that once their children have conquered their toughest subject, Math...

They get more confident and motivated to do better in their other subjects too!

Think about it.

If they can conquer the toughest subject, doesn't that mean they should be able to conquer the rest much more easily?

So, what does this means for your child?

If Liyana could go from 18% to 100%, it means that you and your child can do the same too!

Now, that you know what kind of difference the PEAK Math Method has made in Liyana's academic life...

Are you ready to discover the 3 biggest secrets of our system so that your child can do the same too?


"When Liyana Came To Us, She Was Really Embarrassed To Tell Us Her Results..."

Yes, it was THAT bad.

In fact, she was the weakest student at Math Prodigies at that time.

But of course, we didn't tell her that in front of her classmates!

Not only will it make her feel embarassed...

Her nervous system will activate the fight-or-flight response...

And ALL learning will stop!

So what do we mean by "her nervous system will activate the fight-or-flight response"?

Have you ever had a time when you were working or studying and then...

Somebody called and gave you some really bad news?

Or maybe a significant other called and a fight broke out?

Do you remember what happened next?

You probably tried your best to get back to what you were doing before but...

You simply couldn't.

Do you know why that's so?

Allow us to explain.

One of the things we pride ourselves in here at Math Prodigies is that we use a blend of accelerated learning, brain research and personal development together.

This has been specially concocted over 12 years of experience in teaching Singaporean students to help them improve in Math quickly.

And one thing we know for certain from all the wisdom is this:

The moment a student feels threatened in any way, all learning stops.

Why is that so?

You see, this fight-or-flight response was inbuilt into our nervous system to keep us safe.

So, if a student feels emotionally threatened and unsafe...

Immediately the part of the brain that's responsible for emotions, the amygdala, fires off and the student goes into...

Fight-or-flight mode.

So, let's give you a concrete example of how you can use this immediately.

Remember a time when you were guiding your child with his math homework.

Halfway through it, your child doesn't understand a simple concept.

We've all been there, haven't we?

You try and try to explain it but your child doesn't get it.

Then, you try another approach.

And your child STILL doesn't get it.

At this point, you're starting to get frustrated and angry.

The more you try to explain it, the more your child doesn't get it.

Now you know why right?

Yup that's right! Your child doesn't feel safe.

Your child is emotionally threatened!

So, what should you do instead?

The next time you're teaching your child and they're confused, don't get angry.

Because the moment you get angry, it will trigger this response.

Yes, we know how frustrating it can be when your child doesn't get a seemingly simple concept.

In Liyana's case, there were many times at the start when she didn't get simple concepts too!

So what did we do?

1) We let her know that it's completely okay.

As educators, this guided us to understand what were the holes in her understanding.

This is a good thing!

At the same time, we have to sincerely assure her that it's okay and that she will get there eventually.

We encouraged her to participate.

More participation means more learning and the results will show in due time.

2) We then take a short break.

At this point, we just want her to feel safe.

Sometimes, we would talk about her favorite Korean bands.

At other times, we would play a quick game of tic-tac-toe or hangman.

3) Restart learning at a safer level.

So what we did was we would give her easier questions...

And then transition ONLY once she's ready.

REMEMBER: it's all about safety.

Guess what?

This worked all the way until she began scoring As!

So, the next time you feel angry when teaching your child, just remember:

The moment a student feels threatened in any way, all learning stops.

So, what do you do?

Stop, take a break and do something fun!

Whatever you do, don't get angry or do anything that will make your child feel emotionally threatened because it will trigger this response.

The science behind this all points to one thing.

Don't do it.

It's not going to help anybody... especially not you!


Have you ever wondered how to solve this problem?

PROBLEM: Your child can sit at one spot for 5 to 6 hours (or even more!) when playing a game…

But can’t even sit for 5 to 6 minutes without becoming restless when they’re studying.

Let's understand why first.

The reason is because they’re simply bored.

I mean think about it.

When they’re playing games, every one of their senses are involved.

Everything on the screen is animated.

There’s music and interesting sounds in the background.

And they get to control what’s going on the screen with a remote control.

Now, let’s compare this with say… reading a book.

What do they see?



And more words…

Are there any pictures? Nope.

Are there any sounds? Nope.

Is there any movement involved? Nope.


How boring and painful is that?

Luckily for you, there is a solution.

The solution is what we call…


In other words... HAVE FUN when learning!

Gamification can come in the form of games to help children learn.

So for example, at Math Prodigies, one of the games we modify is Pepsi-Cola.

You know that game we used to play back in school where we have to step on each others’ shoes?

We play that game with a variation.

They can only move when they answer a math question.

For primary school students, we test their multiplication tables with this game.

Secondary school students like Liyana are tested on their basics of concepts like integers, algebraic manipulation and trigonometry with this game.

If you don’t remember the game, watch the video below now:

Cool video, huh?

Now, gamification also means applying game-design thinking.

For example, one of the things common in games is the idea of leveling up.

Examples of levelling up would be when they earn badges after completing one level.

Another example would be getting points that can be traded for something valuable in the game.

This is how your children can play the same game and not get bored, you see.

At Math Prodigies, we apply this game-design thinking the same way.

1) Gameshow-styled Classes.

Some of Liyana's classes were like gameshows.

They have small little whiteboards where they are given 3 -5 minutes to write their answers on.

They then turn it over when their times are up.

And when they get the answer right, they get points.

2) Monthly Challenges.

Liyana also gets monthly challenges.

They're actually class tests of course.

But remember, this is a game.

So, she gets points that can be exchanged for prizes.

Take a look at the poster below and you’ll get what I mean:

We won’t be surprised if you wished you were studying here too!

Many parents have made the same comment.

So, how can you use this at home?

You can try the game we just showed you or…

Modify popular card games or board games incorporating math.

On top of that, you can work out a reward system.

By that, we don't mean, "If you get 75% and above for this test, I'm going to get you this game!"

Make sure your reward system involves levelling up.

They get the best prize after achieving a few other levels!


By now, we had given Liyana a safe environment…

And a fun and engaging way to learn Math!

The third step is to do something that gives her experience.





You know the old adage, “Practice makes perfect”?

That’s NOT what we’re talking about.

Allow us to explain.

Remember when you asked your friends who were really good at Math how to improve?

They probably answered something along the lines of “Math is all about practice” right?

Well if that were true, why do so many hardworking students like Liyana not improve after so much practice?

The answer is simple.

Practice does not make perfect.

Perfect practice makes perfect.

That’s what we believe.

Perfect practice makes perfect.

Think about it.

If you’re practicing really hard but you’re using the wrong techniques and approaches…

Would that really make you better?

Or would that just mean you’re better at using the wrong approaches?

Do you get what we’re trying to say?

Let’s explain this a different way.

Let’s imagine for a while that you took up a new sport.

Let’s say you took up the beautiful game of tennis.

You get a good tennis racket, get on the court with a friend and start swinging.

As your friend serves you a beautiful ball, you take a swing and the ball balloons out of the court.

Maybe it was a fluke.

You try this again.

And sure enough, again the ball balloons out of the court.

You don’t know what you’re doing wrong!

Now, your friend at the other end of the court is encouraging you to just keep trying.

So, you give it one more shot.

And disappointingly, you get the same result!


This is exactly how your child feels when they’re practicing Math.

There you are, encouraging them to keep trying.

And they do try.

But no matter how hard they try, they get the same results.

It’s not that they’re lazy, they simply don’t know how to correct their technique to get decent marks.

You see what we mean?

This is why as we mentioned earlier that despite her best efforts, Liyana’s results only got worse over time.

So what did we do?

We corrected her technique.

We were not only the encouraging friend, we also walked over and coached her on how to correct her technique.

In fact, we gave her the “perfect” technique to get the result she desired.

Now, she knew the “perfect” technique to practice with.

And as you can see she practiced really hard and eventually got a perfect score in Secondary 4!

Yes, PERFECT score.

That’s what we mean when we said “Perfect practice makes perfect!”

So, how do you apply this at home?


1) If you know the right techniques or approaches, you can show your children what they can change to get a different result.

However, don’t go and teach your children algebra when they are in Primary 5 or 6.

There are specific heuristics your child can use through the model method to get the same result.

This is like your friend coming over to teach you an advanced tennis backhand technique you’ve never even heard about.

You’ll only end up getting confused.

2) Alternatively, the next best thing to get is an assessment book with step-by-step examples and answer sheets.

This is not the same as getting a coach to point out where you went wrong.

It is more like watching a recording of the best tennis player and mimicking their hand movement.

If you practice the hand movements, you are essentially doing “perfect practice” BUT…

You won’t know WHY they did it.

For example, you won’t know why they used a forehand technique instead of a backhand technique when dealing with a particular ball in a particular area.

Eventually, you will need to be coached about when to use which technique and why.

So, you see sometimes your child might know the right technique or approach but not WHEN to use them…

Which is really frustrating because you and your child both know that he or she KNOWS how to do it.

So you see, eventually, your child will need a coach to guide themwhen to use which technique.

If you are up-to-date with your child’s syllabus, then you can be that coach.

Otherwise, you can engage someone or a learning centre with a proven track record to be that coach for your child.

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“We've helped over 500 students turn around their Math results.
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Give Math Prodigies A Try - The First Class Is Free!

Yes, you can get your child to experience a 2-hour class for absolutely FREE* to try us out before you make the decision to invest. Click the button above now!

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“We've helped over 500 students turn around their Math results.
Now, it’s your child's turn!”

Give Math Prodigies A Try - The First Class Is Free!

Yes, you can get your child to experience a 2-hour class for absolutely FREE* to try us out before you make the decision to invest. Click the button above now!

*Offer valid only until 29 February 2016