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"The Intensive PSLE Workshop That
Will Help Your Child Crush The Problem
Sums When Others Can Barely Solve Them!"


"Your Child Has 30 Days Before Sitting For The PSLE Math
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"How To Help Your Child Conquer The
PSLE Math Paper Happening In 30 Days.."

Dear Parent,

Does your child find it difficult to get good marks for the exams and is sitting for the PSLE soon? Does your child find it difficult to get good marks for the exams and is sitting for the PSLE soon?

Or maybe your child does pretty well in Paper 1 but simply shuts off and finds it really hard to solve problem sums… even though he knows the concepts?

If you face these problems, then you will want to send your child for this workshop because you know that Problem Sums are the cause of downfall for many students in the PSLE. 

If you want your to conquer the PSLE, you pretty much have a good chance at getting an A if you can conquer the Problem Sums. And here's the best part… we can help you get closer to that!

"Here's Proof That This Works!"

The last time we did this, we saw some amazing results. I remember guiding a Primary 5 girl who had trouble solving problem sums and who got only 5 marks for section C. This was going to be a challenge.

When I started helping her, I realised that she had no basics whatsoever. Fast-forward 12 sessions later, I gave her a test and I was pleasantly surprised!

The girl was able to start writing the first few steps by herself and even answering some problem sums without my help!

This might not sound like much but parents who face the same problem with their children know that this is a HUGE accomplishment and is a foundation that can be built upon.

But don't take my word for it, send your child to our September holiday program to experience it yourself.

An Intensive & Proven Topical Revision

By the end of this program, your child will be able to master the basic and intermediate problem sums that are commonly asked in the PSLE Math Paper.

Why this is different is that we will be using our proprietary PEAK™ techniques to make the lessons fun and experiential!

Students who are keen in developing their problem solving abilities will learn to quickly:

1) make sense of what the question is asking for better and faster

2) identify important clues in the questions and see patterns of solving the different types of questions commonly asked

3) learn over 18 common strategies for solving problem sums with models (these run through every topic)

4) choose the right strategy and confidently apply it to arrive at a solution

5) check the answers and weed out careless mistakes immediately

"When Is It Happening? Here Are The Details!"

Program Dates:
9 Sept 2016 (Friday)

9:00 am to 4:30 pm

Math Prodigies Learning Centre,
Kembangan Suites,
16 Jalan Masjid,
#01-07 S(418941)
(We are located just in front of Kembangan MRT!)

Course Fees:
$200 Now Only $100!

Seats Left:

"Sign Up Now Before It's Too Late!
Your Child Can STILL Improve!"

I know what you're thinking... Can this really help my child? The answer to that is yes. It's not too late. Your child can STILL improve! 

The PSLE grades are going to determine which secondary school your child goes to... and that has a huge impact on your child's future.

Besides, what do you have to lose? It only costs you $100 which is probably the cost of taking your family for a night out at dinner. Sign up below now before all the places run out!

E-mail us at
or drop us a message at 8363-5713 

16 Jalan Masjid, Kembangan Suites,
#01-07, Singapore 418941
(Literally 1 Minute Away From Kembangan MRT!)



Mdm Eliyah

Asyura Results

396867_4078125547552_407678248_n“Within 2 months of her enrolment with Math Prodigies, she was among the top scorers in her class and her confidence in the subject soared.

Did I also mention that Asyura achieved a Distinction in an International Math Olympiad that places her in the top 4% of Singaporean Secondary 1 students recently?

What pleases me is that this confidence spills over to her other subjects and her personal attitude.”

Mdm Eliyah Mother of Asyura Abdullah
Mdm Siti & Mr Mahbob

Matin Results

Matin Results 2

Matin got an A* for his Math PSLE. Here is our testimonial. Matin had always scored 80 to 84 marks for his Maths Exam. After joining Math Prodigies, he started to believe that he can score A* for his Maths.

The interactive environment that Math Prodigies provide for him jumpstart his confidence. With that he scored A* for his Math PSLE in 2014. Thank you Math Prodigies Coaches!”

Mdm Siti & Mr Mahbob Parents of Matin Mirza
Mdm Noraini

“Imran continued to score high marks for Math in Secondary 1 and 2. In fact, he just scored an A1 for his end-of-year exam in Secondary 2! Please continue to spread this knowledge to the new generation so that they are able to love Math and not shun it.”

Mdm Noraini Mother of Md Imran
Clara Yuen,

“The different techniques used and the program they’ve synthesized will help young children who really hate Math a lot to find passion in Math again and do well in their studies!”

Clara Yuen, Math Prodigies Seminar Attendee
Silvia Ng,

“Sure to go! All parents there, please take note they’ve got the best! Math geniuses!”

Silvia Ng, Math Prodigies Seminar Attendee

"What Are You Still Waiting For?
Sign Up Now Before All The Seats Are Gone!"

The first workshop sold out in a matter of 7 days... and we still kept getting sign-ups, which was why we opened a second workshop.

This page is being sent to over 100 parents in our database and will be fully booked too...

So what are you still waiting for?

Sign up below now and give your child an advantage for only $100!

E-mail us at
or drop us a message at 8363-5713 

16 Jalan Masjid, Kembangan Suites,
#01-07, Singapore 418941
(Literally 1 Minute Away From Kembangan MRT!)