Failed Test ca. 2001

Failed Test ca. 2001

9 out of 10 parents believe that when it comes to excelling in Math, practice makes perfect. However, many parents in Singapore are confused when their children continue failing their Math exams even though tried all the papers they can find in Popular Bookstore and past-year papers in Bras Basah.

One student, Liyana Zainodin found herself in this very predicament back in Primary 6. She would try all the practice papers and the assessment books but still not improve. Her parents watched on helplessly as Liyana got even more confused and stressed. She not only had a hard time choosing the right method, she even had a hard time understanding the questions!

Then, the results came in. It was shocking! Liyana got even poorer marks than before! In fact, it was an all-time low of 18% which made her even more devastated! How could this be? She put in hours of effort! She practiced like her teacher said she should do to improve! Why isn’t this working?!

STOP! Do you feel the same way about your children’s math results? Can you identify with the pain Liyana and her parents felt? Do you want to know what’s the solution to this?

You see, it’s all a lie. When it comes to Math, practice does NOT make perfect! If your child doesn’t know where they went wrong, they’re going to continue making the same mistakes. If your child doesn’t even understand the questions, they’re going to continue being clueless about what methods to use. And here’s the worst part, they will start hating and being afraid of Math!


STEP 1: Get your child a Math Coach. Put it simply, your child NEEDS one. Why? A Math Coach would easily be able to identify the gaps in your child’s understanding of the subject and quickly fill them up to accelerate your child’s progress.

STEP 2: Start doing progressive practice. The adage “practice makes perfect” was probably coined by a perfectionist. If your child approaches practice this way, they will be afraid to make mistakes and not even take a step. Teach your children that making mistakes is the fastest way to progress. The focus is on progress not perfection.

STEP 3: Repeat progressive practice until it becomes boringly easy. I went from a D7 to an A1 for my ‘O’ levels within 6 months for E Math by using this one tip alone. I did the whole Ten-Year Series not once or twice but three times! By the time I sat for the ‘O’ levels, it became a routine.


Just by following the 3 steps above, Liyana then went on to score FULL MARKS, yes 100% for a common test in Secondary 4. How do I know? Because she is one of our students. From 18% to 100%… Ridiculous isn’t it?

Hi! My name is Saiful Rizal, the Dean and Founder of Math Prodigies Learning Centre. My learning centre’s expertise is in helping primary and secondary school students who are failing Math to fall in love with Mathematics and score A’s in as fast as 6 months.

The problem is that most parents are doing things like feeding their children practice papers in hopes that they would improve. However, this only leads to more confusion and hatred towards the subject. This is UNACCEPTABLE because Math gets harder as children get promoted in school.

If your children don’t get a good grade for Math, they automatically get barred from taking MANY courses in Polytechnics and Universities. This directly influences their paper qualification and can SEVERELY impact their future. As you know, everything in Singapore is all about paper qualifications.

We solve this problem by equipping parents like you with tested-and-proven techniques from over 5 years of experience in helping over 600 students turn around their results at our learning centre.


If you’d like to learn and use these techniques to help your children excel in Math, get a copy of our book, “Practice Makes Progress: A Math Coach’s Secrets For Turning F’s to A’s in 6 Months”.

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Are you just going to sit there and watch as your children struggle with Math? Or do you want to free your child from the pain and turnaround their Math results?

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