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Excerpt From Singapore Examinations and Assessment Board (SEAB) 

(Syllabus 4048)

As you can see above, 10 out of 20 or 50% of the topics tested in the GCE “O” level Mathematics examination come from the “Number & Algebra” set of topics.

Out of the other 10 topics, only two of them namely, “Properties of Circles” and “Probability” don’t involve any form of Algebra. That makes Algebra 90% of the topics tested in the exams!

Now, won’t you agree with me now that it’s important to masterfully use Algebra to your advantage?

It’s not only important…

It’s mission-critical!

"He Went From Failing As Low As 30% to Scoring A Ridiculous 96%!"

“Does Your Child Experience Any of These Problems Right Now?”

  1. Has he been just passing with borderline marks or failing within the 30 to 49 marks range and can’t seem to score higher no matter how hard he tried?
  2. Is he unmotivated for the Math exams as he sees Algebra as being one of those things he will never use in the future?
  3. Has he been having problems visualising algebraic problems but was able to solve word problems with models well back in primary school?
  4. Has he formed an allergy to or phobia of Algebra due to poor foundations in the lower secondary levels?
  5. Does he understand the basics of Algebra but still gets confused when the questions get slightly more advanced and makes careless mistakes?
  6. Does he understand topics like geometry, trigonometry and polygons but once Algebra is part of the question, loses marks unnecessarily?
  7. Does he seem to have a hard time scoring for seemingly simple questions in topics like functions and graphs due to poor foundations or fear of Algebra?

“Here’s The True Story of How One Student Went From Scoring 0 Marks To Solving 3 Algebraic Equations In One Minute!”

"I Went From Scoring A Big Fat 0 for My Algebra Test To Being Able To Solve Three Algebraic Problems Per Minute... In Just 3 Days!"

We’ve seen all the problems above. We have been conducting many programs over the last 5 years but one of the most effective programs we conducted to combat these problems was called the Kickstart Intensive. This was a program that helped students in Primary 6 learn basic Algebra in advance to give them an added advantage when they entered secondary school.

However, there was a Secondary 1 student who came for the program because she had scored 0 marks for her Algebra test. She completely didn’t get it and her mother thought it was a good idea to put her in the program.

Here’s what she had to say at the end of the program:

“Before I joined Math Prodigies, I used to struggle with Algebra. I really couldn't cope. I had two pages of Algebra questions completely wrong and ZERO marks. But then now, when I joined Math Prodigies, I can easily solve these Algebra equations in less than one minute and sometimes even at least THREE algebra equations in a minute. So, this program has actually benefited me for these 3 days when we get to learn ONE and a HALF MONTHS of work in these 3 days.”

- Sarah Vasanthan,
Participant of The Kickstart Intensive

Sarah did exceedingly well in Algebra after the camp. This built her confidence in her Math skills so much that she began scoring A’s for her Math papers and later at Secondary 3 she was so good at Math that she didn’t need to attend extra classes anymore!

How great is that? So here’s my question to you…

“What If Your Child Could Master Algebra… In Just 5 Short Days?”

We’ve seen Sarah master Secondary 1 Algebra in 3 short days, so we asked ourselves if it’s really possible to help students who already have a basic grasp of Algebra to master all of Algebra in just 5 short days.

We sat down, cracked our brains and developed the program.

We took notes from those new students who joined us late at Secondary 3 or 4 and did not benefit from our methodology of teaching Algebra and we now know what their common mistakes and misconceptions are.

So, to help these students and children like yours, what we’ve done is we’ve tailor-made a brand new program that has the best teaching methodology to master Algebra in just 5 short days.

"He Jumped From 59% to 79% And Maintained His Progress All The Way to 100%!"

“Introducing Our Brand New Program: Master Algebra By Friday!”

This is the ultimate 5-day crash course for Singapore ‘O’ & ’N’ level students. We’ve designed this program so that your child would begin the program on Monday and would have mastered Algebra by Friday. Does that sound good or great?

Here Are The Program Details:

Class A

Dates: 29 May – 2 June (Monday – Friday)
Time: 2pm – 5pm
Venue: Math Prodigies Learning Centre


“What Will Be Covered During This Program?”

We will teach your child Algebra and the fundamentals in an easy and understandable manner.

This will be an intensive 5-day program, where the students will go through the fundamentals of Algebra to advanced Algebra from Monday to Friday, namely:

  1. Algebraic Expansion
  2. Algebraic Factorisation
  3. Algebraic Simplification
  4. Algebraic Manipulation
  5. Algebraic Fractions
  6. Algebraic Equations
  7. Algebraic Inequalities
  8. Simultaneous Equations
  9. Quadratic Equations
  10. Formulating Equations to Solve Problems

"He Made His Parents Proud When He Improved From Borderline to 91%!"

“SPECIAL BONUS: Bring Home The “Master Algebra By Friday” Program For FREE!”

From experience, we’ve noticed that students can get pretty lost when doing Algebra at home by themselves even after they’ve learnt it in class.

So, we’ve decided to record the classes so that your child can rewind to the parts they don’t understand, pause and slowly go through the parts they didn’t quite understand or need more reinforcement with.

This also means that they can go through the whole course as many times as they like without you having to pay a single cent more.

This home study program alone is worth $250 but for anyone who signs up for this program, it’s completely free of charge.

"Introducing: The Head Coach Who Has Has Helped Failing Students Go From As Low As 18% to 100%, Yes Full Marks!"

The successful students you're about to see were all in your child’s position at one point in time. They had zero self-confidence when it came to Math and they found it hard to even pass the subject. If I had told them they could score A’s for it, they wouldn’t believe me at all.

"She Went From Scoring 18% in Primary 6 to 100% in Secondary 4. Yes, 100%! She Not Only Topped The Class, She Topped The Whole Level!"

Since Primary School, Liyana has been poor in Math and before I sent her to Math Prodigies in Primary 6, she was scoring 18/100. I was very worried that she would not be able to get her marks up in time but she loved the environment and the Coach. She passed her PSLE with a D grade!

In Secondary School, we continued with Math Prodigies and I was surprised because Liyana started scoring A’s as her marks progressed from 70% – 80% in Secondary 1 and then gradually to as high as 90% in Secondary 3.

But the biggest surprise and happy moment for me was when she scored 95% for her mid-year exams and then scored FULL MARKS for the next common test! 

I am very happy when she is with Math Prodigies! Thank you Math Prodigies for giving her good results!

- Mdm Sumarni,
Mother of Liyana Zainodin



AFTER: 100%

"She Broke Through To The Next Level, Scored An 'A' For The PSLE And Scored A 'Distinction' In Secondary 1 For An International Math Olympiad!"

Asyura was already having regular Math tuition but she felt like she had hit a plateau and even though that she was doing ok in that subject, she felt that she lacked the confidence

Within 2 months of her enrolment with Maths Prodigies, she was among the top scorers in her class and her confidence in the subject soared.

I am writing to express my gratitude to Maths Prodigies for my daughter, Asyura's performance in her Math PSLE where she got an 'A'. 

What pleases me is that this confidence spills over to her other subjects and her personal attitude. I personally feel that for those who need the extra boost in confidence or motivation in Math will benefit from joining Math Prodigies. 

Don't gauge the effectiveness of tutoring with price but rather gauge it through the child's heightened confidence and interest. The results will follow.

- Mdm Eliyah,
Mother of Asyura Abdullah


"He Went From A 'E' Grade to A 'C' Grade for the PSLE in 3 months... to Straight As in BOTH Secondary 1 And 2!"

We're thankful to have discovered Math Prodigies as it has changed Imran's perception of Math. He is now positive about overcoming challenges within the subject.

Imran scored 21 in his PSLE prelim but with the dedication and professional coaching provided by Math Prodigies in the nick of time, he managed to score a 'C' in the PSLE.

Both my sons are currently in the program and have started to gain interest in Math. Math Prodigies' unique teaching methods have also boosted their confidence to succeed in other subjects too.

Imran continued to score high marks for Math in Secondary 1 and 2. In fact, he just scored an A1 for his end-of-year exam in Secondary 2! Please continue to spread this knowledge to the new generation so that they are able to love Math and not shun it

- Mdm Noraini,
Mother of Md Imran

I used to be the exact same way, which is why I know how to help these students. I used to fail Math myself. My E Math results went from a D7 to an A2 for my Prelims and then to an A1 in my ‘O’ levels… all in just 5 short months! I have since wrote an Amazon #1 International Bestseller on how I did this, which you can get in any Popular Bookstore in Singapore:

This is why I know that the secret and the first step to scoring for the ‘O’ and ‘N’ Level Math is mastering Algebra and that’s what I intend to help your child to do.

"He Flopped From 70% To 50% BUT With Our Help, His Results Jumped Higher Than Ever to 84%!"

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The truth is that I can’t take many students as I’ll be conducting this progam myself. I can only take 8 students at a time. This will ensure that your child gets more attention if need be.

So, this program will be exclusive only to a small group who will get my personal handholding and specialised attention. I will coach your child personally to make sure that they get it.

So you might be wondering, what’s the investment for this program? I’ll be honest with you. This program is affordable but it isn’t cheap. My personal coaching fees are $70/hour. If you multiply that by 15 hours of the program, that makes it $1050. Plus, you will be getting the home study program worth $250 which makes the program worth $1300.

However, you’re not going to pay anywhere near that. If you enroll now, you will get a massive 57% discount and you’ll only pay $550.

This is a one-time fee for a course that will greatly help your child and could really change his life. Imagine the extra number of courses your child will be elligible for in Polytechnic or JC because he jumped a few grades for Math at the ‘O’ and ‘N’ Level.

“Our Personal Guarantee: By The End of This Program, Your Child Would Have Taken The First Step Towards Scoring an ‘A’ in Math!”

Yes you read that right. By the end of this program, your child would have taken the first step towards scoring an ‘A’ in Math. Yes, an ‘A’ … and not only a pass.

Your child will no longer be scoring only borderline marks. They would now be able to break and cross that barrier thanks to their new-found abilities.

When they put effort into studying the other topics, they will realise that Algebra will no longer be a stumbling block, it will be their strength.

If they follow our system, they will no longer make the mistakes they used to make when manipulating Algebra. In fact, they’ll spot the “traps” in the question and jump over them as if they weren’t even there.

Inevitably, your child will no longer have the phobia of Algebra anymore and they will begin to enjoy it.

Your child will no longer lose marks unnecessarily as far as Algebra is concerned as their foundation in Algebra is rock-solid.

Simply said, like I said at the start, your child would have taken the first step towards scoring an ‘A’ in Math.

"He Finally Started To Understand The Concepts And Gradually Improved From Borderline Results To 81% For The SA1!"

“Time Is Running Out. Make The Right Decision For Your Loved One Now.”

The truth is that time is really running out. 

‘O’ Level Math Paper: 23/10/2017

‘N’ Level Math Paper: 3/10/2017

This means that by the time your child sits for this course, they only have 4 to 4.5 months left to practise the skills taught.

The grades they’re getting now are not going to help them in the future and you know that you have to do something about it.

So, if you’re serious about helping your child in Math, this is the best investment of time, money and energy you’ll make in this final lap of their journey towards the ‘O’ or ‘N’ Levels.

Sign up below now and help your child master Algebra by Friday.

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