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Here Are Some of Our Most Recently Improved Students

From 59% to 79%
Declann Tan, Sec 3 Normal (Academic)

From 30% to 96%
Md. Irfan, Sec 1 Normal (Academic)

From 50% to 91%
Harith Naufal, Sec 1 Express

From 50% to 84%
Md. Faris, Sec 3 Normal (Academic)

From 50% to 81%
Syed Mansur, Sec 2 Express

From 61% to 85%
Farah Alya, Primary 5

"He Went From Scoring 59% in Secondary 2 to 79% in Secondary 3 to 100% in Secondary 4. The Best Part Was That He Found It Easy & Fun!"

I joined Math Prodigies since last year. My results improved significantly from a result of 59% to 79% and finally to 100%.

I feel that this program has helped me a lot because it is easy to understand and there isn’t any complicated stuff about it. 

When I learn, I actually have fun when learning compared to other centres where it’s very stressful. The homework given by other centres are a lot and this centre gives a reasonable amount of homework. It’s easy to cope if you go to this centre.

Declann Tan Bing Qi,
Secondary 4 (N/A) Graduate



AFTER: 100%

"Math Prodigies Jumpstarted His Confidence And He Went From Scoring 'A's to Finally Scoring An A* For The PSLE!"

Matin got an A* for his Math PSLE. Here is our testimonial. Matin had always scored 80 to 84 marks for his Maths Exam. After joining Math Prodigies, he started to believe that he can score A* for his Maths.

The interactive environment that Math Prodigies provided him jumpstarted his confidence. With that he scored A* for his Math PSLE in 2014.

Thank you Math Prodigies Coaches!”

Mdm Siti & Mr Mahbob,
Mother of Matin Mirza

"He Was Failing Math But He Improved Slowly and Steadily to Score 79% (A1) in the SA2 And Finally Scored A1 for the "N" Levels!"

“Thank you for helping my son excel in Math! I still remember that when he first joined Math Prodigies Learning Centre late in Secondary 2, he was failing Math. Since then, his Math has been improving slowly and steadily… and last year he scored 79% (A1) in the SA2!

I know that he is slow and shy to ask questions during lessons but he can understand better through group discussions. Thank you for being so patient in coaching him and most importantly, improving his results and helping him catch up on the concepts that he didn’t understand!”

Ms Jacqueline Lim
Fermin’s Lim Jun Xian


BEFORE: 51% (Grade 5)


"She Went From Scoring 18% in Primary 6 to 100% in Secondary 4. Yes, 100%! She Not Only Topped The Class, She Topped The Whole Level!"

Since Primary School, Liyana has been poor in Math and before I sent her to Math Prodigies in Primary 6, she was scoring 18/100. I was very worried that she would not be able to get her marks up in time but she loved the environment and the Coach. She passed her PSLE with a D grade!

In Secondary School, we continued with Math Prodigies and I was surprised because Liyana started scoring A’s as her marks progressed from 70% – 80% in Secondary 1 and then gradually to as high as 90% in Secondary 3.

But the biggest surprise and happy moment for me was when she scored 95% for her mid-year exams and then scored FULL MARKS for the next common test! 

I am very happy when she is with Math Prodigies! Thank you Math Prodigies for giving her good results!

Mdm Sumarni,
Mother of Liyana Zainodin



AFTER: 100%

"He Went From Scoring D to C In Prelims And Finally..An A for the PSLE Within One Year!"

He was in the D range and failed by 1 or 2 marks. During his Primary 6 Prelims, he got a higher C with 59 marks. Alhamdulillah from C he jumped to an A for PSLE.

We were pleasantly shocked and surprised when he got mentioned by the principal for being a model pupil who overcame adversity as well...probably because Fazry lost his 3 year old brother in 2016. This makes us emotional.

Mr Reeza,
Father of Fazry Adam




"She Broke Through To The Next Level, Scored An 'A' For The PSLE And Scored A 'Distinction' In Secondary 1 For An International Math Olympiad!"

Asyura was already having regular Math tuition but she felt like she had hit a plateau and even though that she was doing ok in that subject, she felt that she lacked the confidence

Within 2 months of her enrolment with Maths Prodigies, she was among the top scorers in her class and her confidence in the subject soared.

I am writing to express my gratitude to Maths Prodigies for my daughter, Asyura's performance in her Math PSLE where she got an 'A'. 

What pleases me is that this confidence spills over to her other subjects and her personal attitude. I personally feel that for those who need the extra boost in confidence or motivation in Math will benefit from joining Math Prodigies. 

Don't gauge the effectiveness of tutoring with price but rather gauge it through the child's heightened confidence and interest. The results will follow.

- Mdm Eliyah,
Mother of Asyura Abdullah


"He Went From Failing The Prelims at 29% to C for the PSLE... And Now He's Scoring 80% In Secondary School And Even Coaching His Friends In Math!"

"Caught this one here coaching his friends in Math over Skype. Him! Coaching?!

Don't allow PSLE Math be the death of you! 3 years ago, he used to flunk Math/hated Math/wished he could've dropped PSLE Math forever. I wouldn't blame him honestly..

He scored only 29% for his Prelims but after classes at Math Prodigies, he started to gain confidence when he passed comfortably for PSLE with a C grade.

Coach Saiful Rizal, thought I'd share this with you.. the young boy you once coached is in turn coaching others..

Thank you for your patience, guidance and belief that each student who crossed your path gets away a better Math solver. Seeing him score 80% in secondary school is surreal.."

Mdm Nura,
Mother of Raynn Akid


Before: 29%

After: C for PSLE

"He Went From An 'E' Grade to A 'C' Grade for the PSLE in 3 months... to Straight As in BOTH Secondary 1 And 2!"

We're thankful to have discovered Math Prodigies as it has changed Imran's perception of Math. He is now positive about overcoming challenges within the subject.

Imran scored 21 in his PSLE prelim but with the dedication and professional coaching provided by Math Prodigies in the nick of time, he managed to score a 'C' in the PSLE.

Both my sons are currently in the program and have started to gain interest in Math. Math Prodigies' unique teaching methods have also boosted their confidence to succeed in other subjects too.

Imran continued to score high marks for Math in Secondary 1 and 2. In fact, he just scored an A1 for his end-of-year exam in Secondary 2! Please continue to spread this knowledge to the new generation so that they are able to love Math and not shun it

- Mdm Noraini,
Mother of Md Imran

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